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Lemongrass "Balance"

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Label: Lemongrassmusic


"Let some rays of light into your life! With its latest full-length release called “Balance”, Lemongrass endows us once again with a charming and  beautifully crafted voyage full of positivity, sun-kissed sounds and catchy melodies. Roland Voss aka Lemongrass is a messenger of light. His music is truly lifting spirits, a soothing agent to heal your mind and soul.
Atmospheric textures and warm, vintage sounds form an enduring flow. These ten artfully performed songs interweave a colourful range of styles and sounds from the worlds of Lounge and Chillout, with a dash of Balearica and Ambient. Drawing upon the usual super-class beats, strummed guitars (“Forest Spirit”, “Diary”), a cool Hammond organ sound (“Flowers for you”), or a spoken words performance (“Copy Cats”) by Linah Rocio – a Chilean singer, solo artist and dancer, with Gigi Masin and Alvaro Alencar amongst previous collaborators – help to bring out the sun even on a cloudy day.
But as always, all musical elements retain an alluringly harmonic interplay, that is instantly recognized as the Lemongrass trademark. The result is a spellbinding work of sonic art, a remedy to achieve your inner balance. So brighten up your day – good vibez, good energy with a good spirit are here for you." (Labelinfo)

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